Tips to Keep your Fabric Sofa in Top Condition

Tips to Keep your Fabric Sofa in Top Condition

One of the biggest decisions in selecting a sofa is the choice of sofa covering. While leather and fabric both have their benefits for the winter months, for fabric devotees, fabric’s cosy feel, versatility and degree of customisation make it an appealing choice.

1. Vacuum fabric sofas regularly with an upholstery attachment using low suction.

2. Clean spills/marks immediately, as stains are harder to remove when they are left unattended.

3. Use King-Care Fabric Cleaner on spills and marks, as general household cleaners can damage fibres and discolour fabrics. Always refer to your fabric care label.

4. Prevent velcro and sharp objects such as rings or buckles from coming into contact with your furniture, as they may cause pulling or tearing of fabric.

5. Prevent pilling with regular vacuuming and cleaning to remove dirt and any loose fibres. Should pilling occur, a Fabric Pill Remover (available at department stores) is safe to use.

6. Protect fabrics from direct sunlight as this can result in fading, and weaken fibres.

7. Protect fabric at production stage. This extends fabric’s life by allowing liquid spills to ‘bead’ on the surface, becoming easier to soak up.

8. Organise an annual professional clean by an upholstery cleaner to maintain your sofa’s condition.



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